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Report for October 2023

Hey all 🦊🦊! We all keep contributing to the fortitude of the Defense Forces of Ukraine and saving the lives of our defenders. So, here we're reporting for October.


Unit 1 (Marines):

  • Storkis-2 Military-tactical stretchers x 10 pcs.


The largest donation is UAH 179,000, the smallest is UAH 50.




218,574 UAH.


81,422 UAH.

Organizational achievements

  • Development: We're working on a grant to make our organization stronger for the future.

  • Fundraising campaigns: We organize fundraising campaigns based on the requests we get from military units.

  • Donors: we keep cooperating with our regular donors, converting charitable funds into medical supplies for the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

We transfer supplies to the Defense Forces strictly upon receiving an official request letter and after both parties have signed the act of acceptance and handover. We are happy to provide all necessary documentation upon request.

Thank you to everyone who supports us in any capacity 🙌. Together, we are stronger!

******** YOU CAN HELP THE FUND HERE ********

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