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Report for November-December 2023

Greetings from the Digital Fox Fund 🦊🦊!

The year is coming to an end, the war goes on, and that means we all keep working for the sake of our victory - everyone is on their personal front line. A heartfelt thank you to all supporters who stand with us, contributing to the foundation's activities and, ultimately, saving the lives of our defenders 🙌.

Here's a snapshot of our work during the last two months of 2023:

Key Highlights:

The standout achievement of this period was the successful procurement, transportation, and handover of three-layer Blizzard thermal blankets sourced from a UK manufacturer. These blankets are crucial in providing essential warmth and protection, aiding our mission on the ground.

Upcoming Project:

Looking ahead, we are excited to share that we are diligently preparing a new project for launch in the coming year. Stay tuned for more details as we continue to expand our impact and reach.


Unit 1 (Marines):

  • Thermal Blizzard Trauma Blanket* BPS-01, green x 300 pcs.

*The Blizzard 3 Layer Trauma Blanket is an advanced emergency thermal solution. Featuring a self-adhesive fastener, reinforced edges, and 2007 PHTLS Military Version 6E approval, it securely wraps around victims for warmth and protection. Its versatility allows for use as a sleeping bag, shaped with adhesive tape or sealed around the wounded. A reliable tool in critical situations.

Bought a batch of 300 pcs. in the amount of UAH 236,040.



427,209 UAH.


220,084 UAH.

Organizational achievements

  • New projects: Exciting developments are underway as we gear up to launch a new project in 2024. Stay tuned for more details, coming your way soon!

  • Purchasing: Our first delivery from the UK manufacturer has arrived. Although it took a bit longer than expected, the results are worth the wait. Anticipating smoother and faster processes for our future deliveries.

  • Donors: A huge thank you to our friends and partners. Your support is the backbone of our foundation's work, transforming financial contributions into assistance for the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

To maintain transparency, we ensure that goods are handed over to the Defense Forces only upon receipt of a formal request letter and the signing of the acceptance-handover act. Rest assured, all necessary documents are available upon request.

Thank you to everyone contributing in any way. Together, we stand strong! 🙌

******** YOU CAN HELP THE FUND HERE********

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