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About Digital Fox

Created in 2022 after russia invaded Ukraine, our fund provides competent assistance to defense forces of Ukraine with first aid medical products and equipment. 

Our mission

High-quality, authentic medical products for first aid emergency departments of different 'front-line' emergency services, and defense forces of Ukraine are of our utmost priority.

Our values:

Quality over quantity 

We stick to the ironclad belief that choosing things of high standard and value matters more than the amount of these things. Thus, one working tourniquet will save more lives than 10 that can rip apart, tear up, and fail because of bad quality.


Honesty and transparency

We donate our own funds because we don't have any reason to hide anything or scam anyone. The fund has open and transparent financial statements, and every donation and purchase can be easily tracked in real time.



Even after the end of the active hostilities, the war, unfortunately, won't be over. That's why we aim to establish supplies and build relationships with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and other services that will help with demining and rebuilding the country.

What we do

The fund purchases products and equipment that help save the lives of the military, state border guardians, police patrol, and representatives of the State Emergency Service.

Join us

If you would like to make a difference and save lives, join our fund as a donor or a volunteer. Every dollar matters and every contribution helps.

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