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Report for May and June 2023

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Hello🦊! We've been working for already one year, thank you for your support!!

Digital Fox reports on the past two months.

These months were a bit busy for us because of our main job. However, we continue to order and hand over the tactical medical essentials, namely tourniquets, chest seals, and intraosseous access devices from abroad, and establish communication with new units.


Transferred in two months to the units:

  • ChitoSAM Hemostatic dressings x 100 pcs.

  • SAM XT Tourniquets x 100 pcs.

  • SAM Splint x 40 pcs.

  • Chest seals x 90 pcs.

  • Tactical scissors x 50 pcs.

  • NIO intraosseous access devices x 4 pcs.

Transferred in two months to other non-profit organizations:

  • Medical battalion "Hospitallers" — NIO intraosseous access devices x 6 pcs.

Funds in May

We report on our donors' donations received in May and the funds spent.

Number of donors:



243,274 UAH. (approx. USD 6,617)


177,792 UAH. (approx. USD 4,836)

Funds in June

The beginning of the summer was productive for us in finding new partners, purchasing additional tourniquets, and prepaying for chest seals.

Number of donors:



269,085 UAH. (approx. USD 7,319)


300,036 UAH. (approx. USD 8,161)

Organizational achievements

  • Purchases: on the fund's balance sheet, we already have paid tourniquets and chest seals, which will go to the front line in July.

  • Donors: We are sincerely grateful to our regular donors who continue to support the work of the foundation 🦊.

  • Partners: Digital Fox visited "Networking: Volunteers x Donors x Business" in Kyiv, where they had the opportunity to hear about the various experiences of volunteer initiatives, discuss the development of the volunteer movement, and talk with representatives of donor organizations and businesses. We started cooperation with NGO "Think Ahead", NGO "Let's do it Ukraine", CF "Union of Dead Lawyers".

Also, we'd like to emphasize that all transfers take place only upon receipt of a request letter and signing an acceptance act. Although we do not publicly display the documents, we will be happy to show them to you upon request.

Thank you for your support to all donors. This is your contribution to victory!

You can support us by following this link.


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