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Report for July 2023

Hello everyone! August has just started, and it means that 🦊🦊🦊 report on the fund's work for the month of July.

We didn't have a vacation, so there is definitely something we can report on. In July, we contacted new units, planned the purchase of training mannequins, had tactical medical products ordered, and organized fundraising for the 55th artillery brigade.


Ordered from the distributor for the 55th Artillery Brigade:

  • Hemostatic bandages ChitoSAM x 50 pcs.

  • SAM Splint XL x 50 pcs.

  • Soft stretchers x 10 pcs.

  • SAM Junctional Tourniquets x 10 pcs.

Everything else needed to satisfy the request of the above-mentioned brigade is already here, and we will hand it over to them in August.


The largest donation from our regular partner is UAH 179,000, the smallest is UAH 9.




260,209 UAH. (approx. USD 7,088)


206,956 UAH. (approx. USD 5,637)

Organizational achievements

  • Purchases: we reserved tactical medical products for fundraising purposes, and planned to order mannequins for TCCC training from a local manufacturer.

  • Donators: without our friends and partners, the foundation's work is totally impossible. Thanks to you 🙌, we convert money into help to the Defense Forces.

Also, we'd like to emphasize that all transfers occur only upon receipt of a request letter and signing an acceptance act. Although we do not publicly display the documents, we will be happy to show them to you upon request.

Thank you for your support to all donors. This is your contribution to victory—let's save lives together!

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