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  • Digital Fox

One more month of the full-scale war passed, so we've prepared a July report for you.


Purchased and handed over to military units:

NIO Adult intraosseous access device – 30pcs.

By the same supplier, we were also provided with thirty extension cords for infusion pumps and thirty ones with a three-way valve (free of charge).

Nasopharyngeal airway, F28 – 100pcs.

Contracted and 50% prepaid for August:

  • SAM XT Tourniquet – 100pcs.

  • SAM Splint Tactical - 100pcs.

Contracted for August (not prepaid yet):

  • NIO Adult intraosseous access device – 36pcs.

  • SAM Junctional Tourniquet – 18pcs.

  • SAM Chest Seals - 100pcs.

  • Hemostatic Dressing ChitoSAM 100 - to be confirmed (depends on the producer).





UAH 216,000.00

Left on the account from June:

UAH 64,089.00


UAH 208,809.00

The biggest one-time donation:

UAH 100,000.00


  • Opened accounts in EUR and GBP.

  • The fund is added to the Monobank Charity section. You can now donate right from the Monobank app. Just go to Other payments > Charity > Digital Fox.

  • One more military unit (from the Kharkiv region) is added to our list.

  • We agreed on cooperation with volunteers who train combat medics. Details will be revealed next month.

  • We approached for helping us with our website. Folks conducted numerous interviews, gathered feedback, and showed us the ways how we could convey information in a better and more transparent way. And this all was completely free for us! The implementation of their amazing ideas is in the works.

Thank you for your help! Together we will win!

You can join us today. Donations can be sent via this link.

  • Kateryna Lysevych

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Greetings friends! Digital Fox reports on its activities.

Last month, we went through all the stages of fund registration; we opened bank accounts (UAH and USD) and received the necessary certificates and electronic keys.

It was quite a quest! Fortunately, the mission was possible and successfully completed. Here are the numbers:

Received: UAH 164,100.00

Purchases: 1

Delivered to defenders: 100 SAM XT tourniquets

In July, we plan to add a few more accounts (other currencies) for a more convenient transfer of the funds and pay for our first international orders. We hope we will receive the items in July as well.

Thanks to everyone who supports and donates, together we will win!

You can join us today. Donations can be sent via this link.

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