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Support Ukraine.
Save Life.

Each dollar you contribute goes to purchasing high-quality medical products and equipment to keep Ukrainian defenders alive and kicking.


With russia invading Ukraine, thousands of people all over the country continue to suffer from injuries and wounds every single day. 

How your donations help save lives

The high quality and authenticity of the medical kit content in the field is not a subject to argue. Unfortunately, some medical products cannot be found in Ukraine. They either have never been produced here or just can't be relied on in a split-second of an emergency.

Once a person is injured somewhere on the battlefield, time's limited.


You have up to 40 minutes to stabilize the vitals of the injured soul while waiting for medical assistance or before rushing the person to a hospital. 





These 2,400 seconds are the most critical. Every move of yours, and every piece of your first aid kit may swing this life-or-death situation in either direction.


That is why except for the skills of a person nearby, a tourniquet that stops over bleeding (and doesn't break during use) or an eye shield can do way more than doctors–but in an hour, when it's too late.


After russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the necessity of the like and other medical items has increased significantly. Hundreds and thousands of people—military, emergency, and civilians—all over the country are suffering and praying for these 40 minutes to be remembered just as the worst moment in their life but not the last moment of their life. 


Having experienced thorough international purchases, our fund researches the market, negotiates, buys and delivers medical goods and equipment directly from manufacturers and their official resellers and distributors abroad to Ukraine. Tourniquets, splints, bandages, and others go to the medical staff and representatives of the State Border Guard Service, State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Military, and Police Patrol.

High-quality, authentic medical products for the first aid emergency departments of different 'front-line' emergency services are of our utmost priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't want to support murdering people. Is there any other way to help?

Our fund aims to save lives by providing service members and emergency services with the medical products you can't find locally and of the high quality required.


This fund doesn't do, provide, purchase, etc. any weaponry to put a human being's life in danger.

Is there any way to see where my funds go?

Our policy is total transparency before donors and the public. You may see all our reports and details in our Blog section.


That's our word and bond. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How are you going to use my funds?

Our fund directly purchases medical products from manufacturers and their official resellers from abroad at competitive prices (obtaining the best discounts if possible) and hands them over to those in Ukraine who need them the most.

Are you an official charity fund?

Yes. Our fund is based in Ukraine, both formally and officially created. We are a nonprofit. The Charity organization "Charity Fund "Digital Fox" is assigned an ID (EDRPOU) 44686012. Feel free to look this up.

About Us

The fund is a private initiative created by IT entrepreneurs from Ukraine. A bootstrapping project funded with our savings and income in the first place called upon to save as many lives as possible. That's our mission.

If together we can do anything, even something so small as buying a tourniquet to save at least one person's life and help them in a difficult moment, it will make a difference and undoubtedly mark your own life as the one that is not in vain.

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