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Report for October 2022

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

We'd like to thank each and everyone for donating and supporting the Digital Fox fund! Now it is the time we're reporting on what we managed to do in October.


This month, we completed two projects, the details are below.

Brigade in the Kherson region №1

Handed over to them a batch of critically important products:

  • ChitoSam hemostatic dressing х 70pcs.

  • Cannula BD Venflon 14G х 300pcs.

  • Cannula BD Venflon 18G х 300pcs.

  • Cannula BD Venflon 20G х 300pcs.

  • Cannula Vasofix 16G х 300pcs.

  • Burnshield hydrogel dressings х 700pcs.

  • SAM Chest seal х 70pcs.

  • Soft rescue stretchersі x 30pcs.

Brigade in the Kherson region №2

This month, we provided them with the following:

  • ChitoSam hemostatic dressing х 30pcs.

  • Burnshield hydrogel dressings х 300pcs.

  • SAM Chest seal х 30pcs.

* for security reasons, in this report, we do not provide any additional details of the military units we work with. We hope for your understanding.

Ordered this month, in total:

  • ChitoSam hemostatic dressing х 100pcs.

  • Cannula BD Venflon 14G х 300pcs.

  • Cannula BD Venflon 18G х 300pcs.

  • Cannula BD Venflon 20G х 300pcs.

  • Cannula Vasofix 16G х 300pcs.

  • Burnshield hydrogel dressing х 1000pcs.

  • SAM Chest seal х 100pcs.

  • Soft rescue stretchers x 30pcs.

Prepaid this month:

  • Israeli bandage x 46pcs. (funds raised with vsipo10)

  • Burnshield hydrogel dressings x 1000pcs. (delivery in Novemberі)


Here we report about funds raised and spent.




UAH 374,170 (approx. USD 10,184)


UAH 314,003 (approx. USD 8,546)

Achievements and updates

  • Team: we have great news—Rostyslav Yuzkiv has joined our team to help us with fundraising and projects!

  • International orders: this month, we received our first shipment from Poland—the Burnshield hydrogel dressings. The whole amount was handed over to the brigades at once. Keep working in this direction.

  • Fundraising: we started to raise funds for ordering 10 junctional tourniquets for two military units in the south of Ukraine. The target amount was UAH 130,000. A total of UAH 65,981 was raised. It will be enough for ordering 5 JT, which we will get at the beginning of November.

  • New projects: we're planning a new project to help the State Emergency Service in the south, currently looking for additional funding for this.

  • Gratitude: we are grateful to Coca-Cola Ukraine for their support and help in purchasing goodies for our defenders.

Same as previously, we keep building relationships with new units and product suppliers, ready for new challenges and looking forward to our victory!

We're so grateful to each and everyone for your help and donations! Let's advance our victory together!

You can join us today by following this link.


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