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Report for November 2022

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

First of all, we'd like to apologize for the delay. As a result of the .ru missile attack, we lost connection with the outside world a bit, so we are catching up now!

We are very grateful to our donators and everyone who supports Digital Fox!

Here is what was done by the fund in November:


This month, all aid was directed to units in the Kherson region, and—what's more important—part of the tactical medical products was handed to the units over before our successful offensive in that region. We hope that it saved more than one life.

Brigade in the Kherson region №1

Provided them with the most critical items such as:

  • SAM Chest seal х 30pcs.

  • Soft rescue stretchers x 63pcs.

  • Israeli bandage х 100pcs.

  • SAM Junctional tourniquet x 2pcs.

Brigade in the Kherson region №2

We did hand them over:

  • SAM Junctional tourniquet x 3pcs.

* For security reasons, in this report, we do not provide any additional details of the military units we work with. We hope for your understanding.

Ordered this month, total

  • SAM Chest seal х 30pcs.

  • Soft rescue stretchers x 63pcs.

  • Israeli bandage х 100pcs.

  • SAM Junctional tourniquet x 5pcs.

Received and/or prepaid to be handed over in December:

  • SAM Splint x 220pcs.

  • SAM XT tourniquet x 100pcs.

  • Sich XT tourniquet x 200pcs.

  • Burnshield hydrogel dressings x 1000pcs. - Yeah, one more time. Unfortunately, we faced some issues with the supplier's intermediary bank, as it rejected two of our payments. However, at the beginning of December, one of our payments went through, so the hydrogel dressings are on the way to us now!


Here we report on the funds spent and received.




UAH 303,802 (approx. USD 8,269)

Left from the previous month

UAH 73,109 (approx. USD 1,990)


UAH 260,895 (approx. USD 7,101)

Achievements and updates

  • Fundraising: In October, with your help, we raised UAH 65,981 (approx. USD 1,796), which we spent on five SAM junctional tourniquets and handed them over right away to 2 brigades in the south.

  • Gratitude: Many thanks to Clean Email, LLC for supporting our fund with their donations on a regular basis!

  • Grants: We submitted four applications, and waiting for them to be reviewed.

We'd like to thank each and everyone, who advance our victory!

You can join us today here:


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