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Report for March 2023

Greetings! Digital Fox is reporting.

In March, we received additional requests from new military units, launched a public fundraiser for junctional tourniquets, and applied for a grant. We'd like to thank our defenders and everyone who help and support us.

More details about our activities in March:


Unit 1

The following was sent to the east::

  • Burnshield hydrogel dressing (20cm ×45cm) х 60pcs.

  • Burnshield hydrogel dressing (40cm ×60cm) х 60pcs.

Unit 2

The following was sent to the south:

  • SAM Junctional tourniquet x 2pcs.

  • Sich tourniquet x 100pcs.

  • Burnshield hydrogel dressing (20cm ×45cm) x 20pcs.

  • Burnshield hydrogel dressing (40cm ×60cm) x 26pcs.

  • SAM Splint XL x 20pcs.

  • Black Front chest seal x 100pcs.

Unit 3

  • SAM Junctional tourniquet x 3pcs.

Unit 4

  • Burnshield hydrogel dressing (20cm ×45cm) x 10pcs.

  • Burnshield hydrogel dressing (40cm ×60cm) x 10pcs.

Handed over this month

The total amount of items sent to the units in March:

  • Burnshield hydrogel dressing (20cm ×45cm) х 90pcs.

  • Burnshield hydrogel dressing (40cm ×60cm) х 96pcs.

  • SAM Junctional tourniquet х 5pcs.

  • Sich tourniquet х 100pcs.

  • SAM Splint XL х 20pcs.

  • Black Front chest seal х 100pcs.


Here we report on the funds raised and received from our donators in March and the funds we spent.




UAH 329 081 (approx. USD 8,943)


UAH 186 071 (approx. USD 5,056)


  • Grants: Applied for a grant in the amount of UAH 629 640 (approx. USD 17,110) to support our 'United for life and peace' project.'

  • Fundraisers: Conducted a public fundraiser on social media to buy 5 SAM junctional tourniquets, and raised UAH 65 000 (approx. USD 1,766). The tourniquets were ordered and handed over to the units requesting them. We're infinitely grateful to the community who joined this fundraiser, including @vsipo10, @nataaaaaaaaaaan for organizing a campaign with notebooks.

  • Purchases: We prepared everything needed for the purchase of the NIO devices batch, which will take place in April 2023.

  • New units: We received official requests from two new units in the south. Currently working on them.

  • Donators: Among our donators are companies and enterprises that support us every month—we are immensely grateful for such support! 🙌.

We also want to emphasize that everything we hand over is made only upon receipt of a request letter and signing an acceptance act. Although we do not publicly display the documents, we will be happy to show them to you upon request.

Once again, thank you for your support!

Follow this link to support us.


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