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Report for February 2023

The second month of this year passed and that means we are closer to our Victory.

We are infinitely grateful to our defenders for protecting our lives, as well as to everyone who supports the Digital Fox fund and does everything possible to save the lives of our heroes!

We report on what we did with you:


The fund helped the military units in the East and South of Ukraine.

Unit №1 (Marines)

Handed over the following:

  • NIO Intraosseous access device x 24 pcs.

  • Sich tourniquet x 50 pcs.

Unit №2

Provided boys and girls with the following:

  • NIO Intraosseous access device x 12 pcs.

  • Sich tourniquet x 150 pcs.

Unit №3

Sent them over:

  • Soft rescue stretchers x 6 pcs.

* For security reasons, in this report, we do not provide any additional details of the military units we work with. We hope for your understanding.

Handed over this month

  • NIO Intraosseous access device x 36 pcs.

  • Sich tourniquet x 200 pcs.

  • Soft rescue stretchers x 6 pcs.


Below are the details for the funds received and spent.




UAH 157,114.0 (approx. USD 4,264.0)


UAH 366,321 (approx. USD 9,941.0)

(including the funds left from the previous month to cover the international contract for the delivery of the Burnshield dressings and chest seals, Poland).


  • Interview: gave an interview to Suspilne Odesa when picking up cargo from Poland. We hope this will help spread the word about our foundation and our main purpose.

  • Purchases: we keep contracting and purchasing—a new batch of NIO IO devices is to come the next month.

  • New military units: we're setting up contacts with new units mainly in the Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk directions.

  • Humanitarian aid: received a powerful generator from our partner in Poland and handed it over to a public organization in Odesa.

We thank everyone who makes our victory possible!

You can support us here:


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