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Report for August 2022

This summer is officially gone and that means summing up the results of the Digital Fox fund work. So, here is a report of what you and we together managed to do in August.


This month, we completed four projects paying special attention to ordering intraosseous access and the training of paramedics. The details are below.

Brigade in the Kherson region

We keep handing over to them the necessary medical equipment:

  • NIO Adult intraosseous access device х 35 pcs.

  • NIO Adult training kit х 1 pcs.

  • SAM XT Extremity tourniquet х 40 pcs.

  • SAM Junctional tourniquet х 3 pcs.

  • SAM Chest seal х 50 pcs.

Volunteers from Pulse of Ukraine

We provided the guys from Pulse with various samples of medical equipment for training paramedics of military units:

  • SAM Junctional tourniquet х 2 pcs.

  • SAM XT Extremity tourniquet х 10 pcs.

  • NIO Adult intraosseous access device х 1 pcs.

  • NIO Adult training kit х 1 pcs.

  • Soft rescue stretcher х 4 pcs.

  • Israeli bandage х 80 pcs.

  • Paramedic scissors х 10 pcs.

Brigade in the Kharkiv region

We've started to work with a new brigade, and provided them with a standard tactical medical equipment kit:

  • SAM XT tourniquet х 50 pcs.

  • SAM Chest seal х 50 pcs.

  • Israeli bandage х 20 pcs.

Brigade in the Donetsk region

One more brigade we went with this month. At the request of the unit, purchased and provided the following:

  • Soft rescue stretcher х 10 pcs.

* for security reasons, in this report, we do not provide any additional details of the military units we work with. We hope for your understanding.


  • SAM XT Extremity tourniquet х 100 pcs.

  • NIO Adult intraosseous access device х 36 pcs.

  • NIO Adult training kit х 2 pcs.

  • Soft rescue stretcher x 15 pcs.

  • SAM Chest seal x 100 pcs.

  • Israeli bandage x 100 pcs.

  • SAM Junctional tourniquet x 5 pcs.

  • Paramedic scissors x 10 pcs.


This month we hit our record for both—funds received and spent. However, the prize for the biggest donation still goes to the founders of the foundation. Below are more details.




UAH 369,599.00

Left on the account from July

UAH 71,280.00


UAH 425,206.00


We are building up cooperation with new divisions, brigades, and suppliers on the other hand. We have also agreed on joint purchases with the Pulse charity fund (Pulse of Ukraine).

Thank you for your help! Together we will win!

You can join us today. Donations can be sent via this link.


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