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Report for April 2023

Hi all, the Digital Fox fund reports about its monthly activity!

In April, all our grant applications were, unfortunately, rejected; however, we did not despair and continued to order and hand over high-quality tactical medical equipment for our Forces of Defence. We sincerely thank everyone who constantly supports us! 🙌

This month we have focused on planning and purchasing tactical medical products so that we can hand them over in quantities enough for you-know-what. Next month, we plan to start working with new units.



16 (including three enterprises)


UAH 248,264 (approx. USD 6,740)


UAH 343,034 (approx. USD 9,313)

Paid for NIO intraosseous access devices (currency purchase + transfer), partially prepaid ChitoSAM 100 hemostatic dressings, and SAM XT tourniquets.


  • Help: Donated the equipment - NIO intraosseous accesses and chest seals - to our friends from Pulse of Ukraine, who train on how to use tactical medical products.

  • Donators: we are infinitely grateful to everyone and we would like to individually thank all the people and companies who constantly support us 🫶 🙌.

Once again, we'd like to emphasize that all transfers take place only upon receipt of a request letter and signing an acceptance act. Although we do not publicly display the documents, we will be happy to show them to you upon request.

Thank you for your support and for saving the lives of our defenders!

Follow this link to support us.


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